(maybe) Forever

This was my NaNo novel for 2012. The first draft is complete, but needs some work. I’m revising as time allows.


When you have everything you could ever dream of, how far would you go to hold onto it?

Two-hundred years in the future, earth has finally reached a state of utopia. Global warming, poverty, class segregation, violence, war and disease are things of the past. On this earth, everyone is equal. Even death as we currently know it ceases to exist. Instead, on their twentieth birthday, everyone learns their date of renewal — the date when their soul will be wiped clean and sent to an alternate universe to start a new life complete with a new family, new friends and new memories..

Seventeen-year-old wunderkind, Chase Martin, has everything he ever wanted: A high-paying job, a new girl on his arm every week, and the celebrity status of a rock-star. Things couldn’t get any better, but they are about to get much worse.

In seven days, Chase will die.

When Chase is selected for renewal, his entire life changes. No one has ever renewed at such a young age, and Chase isn’t ready to go. With the end of his life so near, Chase decides it’s time to fix some of his past mistakes. The first thing he plans to do is reconnect with Sam — the love of his life. Sam was the girl he’d promised to love forever, and the one he left reeling from a broken heart.

As Chase begins to reconnect with the past he’d left behind, he realizes what he’s missed out on, and he wants a second chance. When he asks for an extension on his renewal date, it is granted, but there is a stipulation. Someone must go in his place. That someone is Sam.

Now Chase has to decide if he would rather start a new life in a universe where Sam doesn’t exist, or stay in this life and never see her again.