So, what about me?


Obligatory third-person bio:

O’Dell Hutchison was born in a small rural town in Idaho. There were no Redeemers there (that he knows of). After attending college in the Pacific northwest, he found his way to the Houston area where he lived for almost eighteen years. He is now happily settling back into life in the Portland area. He spends his free time reading, writing, laughing, adventuring, gaming and being.

And now… the real me:

What’s up y’all? Okay, first of all, I am not crazy, a psycho killer, a creeper, nor do I wear other people’s skin for clothes. I know this website makes me look kind of creepy, and that totally isn’t the point. It’s for my books. It’s a vibe I’m trying to set. People die in my books, and I don’t mean slow, romantic, tearful, hold-your-loved one’s-hand-by-the-bedside deaths. I’m talking the brutal kind that make you go, “Holy crap! Did that seriously just happen?”

Now that that’s out of the way…

As you probably noted already, I’m a Young Adult author. I self-published a creepy ghost story titled, The Weeping, in 2011 and my next book, Fingers in the Mist — a freaky, horror story set in my home state — will be released by Month9Books on February 24, 2015. I’m beyond excited!


Other random facts about me:

  • I love cold weather and despise heat and humidity. Not sure how I survived South Texas for almost 18 years
  • I love cake.
  • Horror movies typically make me scream like a little girl, yet I love them and I love freaking myself out writing a scary story.
  • I love dark chocolate.
  • I love dogs.
  • The site of blood makes me dry heave.
  • I love zombies.
  • I love road trips.
  • I love yoga and meditation and energies and I’m all about peaceful minds and hearts and just being.
  • I HATE snakes (and other reptiles). I can’t even watch them on TV. They creep me the eff out!
  • I can get lost in a video game for hours (or days). Faves include: Bioshock, Left 4 Dead, Uncharted, Gears of War, Call of Duty, Fable, City of Heroes (when it was still around), DC Universe, Little Big Planet and all of the old school Mario Brothers (to name a few).
  • I love to laugh.
  • I’m ridiculously loyal and very protective of those I’m close to. (I think I was a German Shepherd in a former life.)
  • I have a pretty wicked (and sometimes snarky) sense of humor.
  • I have a nickname for pretty much everyone I know (and like). If I know you and haven’t given you a nickname, then…